The Webber is an elegant statement piece that is easily customisable to suit whichever size and style room. Available in three standard sizes, glassware can be selected from our design range to be fitted to the feature light. 

3 ARMS: $2100 

l: 980 mm (approx.)

w: 900 mm

h: Custom         


5 ARMS: $3500

l: 1800 mm (approx.)

w: 900 mm

h: Custom


7 ARMS: $4900

l: 1850 mm (approx.)

w: 900 mm

h: Custom

Prices include glass of choice.


Glass Options:

(Max Ø 210mm) 

Pebble Ellipse, Ellipse, Orb, Ivy, Modernist Round, Vintage, Trixie 

Finishing options: 

Brushed brass / Brass patina

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